With all the challenges we face in life it is essential that all our children are taught the skills to remain in their centre and connect to their inner strength. We need to teach our children to live, thrive and grow. To be able to come home to themselves and live from the heart. To be with themselves and rely on themselves to deal with whatever comes up in their lives.   

I am a youth metal health first aider and prior to COVID-19 I taught children's yoga in primary schools across Northamptonshire as part of a mental health initiative. I also teach weekly yoga classes at a private nursery. 

My children's classes involve breath work, movement and time in (relaxation and meditation) wrapped up in a fun filled session your children will love, enabling them to combine their imagination with music, stories and songs. My classes teach children tools for self regulation and managing anxiety in a fun playful environment. 

Group and family classes available in person and online. Contact me to discuss.