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Conscious Dance


When you're creative with your body you tap into your authenticity. Flow with your body with your finger tips to your toes. Play with the space around you, feel into the energy. Don't be afraid to take up space, above and below, to your left and right. 


Your only need one song. Just dance, tune into your body and breath. Your inner voice gets louder when you move your energy. 

Drop me a message if you'd like to know more or include conscious dance on an event you're holding. 


I am a passionate advocate of connecting breathe and movement to tune into the body's inner wisdom and ability to calm and soothe itself. In a Kundadance class I will take you on a journey through the chakras, using a combination of yoga, breath work, Thai Chi, dance and fitness.


In this uplifting and fun class you will energise your body and calm your mind whilst also strengthening your body's nervous system and immune system. 

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