I am an intuitive heart centred teacher, sharing and weaving together different elements from my own ongoing spiritual journey. 

I am a passionate advocate of connecting breath work and movement to tune into our own inner wisdom and the ability we all have to calm and soothe our own bodies. 





My world has been a rollercoaster this year. The highs and lows of life have made battling my anxiety a daily struggled, but it's been made so much better thanks to Bowers Boost. 

Sam does exactly what she says on the tin - wellness from the inside out!

She has introduced me to a regular Kundalini yoga practice and also DoTERRA essential oils to help and support a balanced mind and body at a cellular level. 

I would recommend Sam to anyone looking for some tools to find their balance, she's a tad awesome at this wellness malarkey!

If you're interested in any of my offerings I'd love to hear from you!

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